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Experience an initiation into wonderful sensual mysteries through the erotic massage. Through the massage you learn to expand your awareness to the whole body; the erotic feeling is no longer limited to the genital area, but becomes a whole-body experience.


The erotic massage involves relaxing slow strokes working all parts of your body with a sensual healing touch - soothing strokes yielding complete relaxation of your body with feather touch “tickle” teasing.


Oiled body slides signals the start of the sensual part of your massage. This is a whole body-to-body journey in which the goddess in a very creative, sensual way is touching your entire body using her hands as well as different parts of her body, like breasts, feet, hair etc. The massage is done completely nude and includes touching the goddess and sensual release if desired.


And just to get things straight: There is no sexual intercourse in any way during the massage. Please DO NOT ask.


Duration: 1.5 hour

Cost: R 2200 - (tips are welcome)

2hr sessions are possible: add R 700

Erotic Massage for Men - HoT Umhlanga
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